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Unit specification:  
Database number: 3225
Detector: PANDA Capsule 1913021240/3407036934
Submodule: 14042014-01 - 4-X8Y3-5previous (4) • in submodule • next (6)
Crystal: 2016
Barcode: 1309031122
Measured data:  
Yield (cosmics) for blue APD: not yet measured/stored
Yield (cosmics) for red APD: not yet measured/stored
Length: 0 mm


Subdetector specification:  
Serial number: 1913021240
Type: Hamamatsu Avalanche Photo Diode
Preamp: 0
Label: Blue
Subdetector specification:  
Serial number: 3407036934
Type: Hamamatsu Avalanche Photo Diode
Preamp: 0
Label: Red

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19. May 2022 15:28:50 CEST oafedulidis Assigned to submodule via API.
19. May 2022 15:28:40 CEST oafedulidis Auto-created by call to unit assembly API