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Show temperature sensor 129

This is all the information about the temperature sensor 129. If it is wrong, edit the data.

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Temperature sensor specification:  
Serial: 129
Submodule: none
Position: none
Broken?: Yes
Production details:  
Produced by: unknown
Production date: 01. January 1970
R at room temperature: -1 Ω
Notes: Obtained from Proto192 disassembly, production details unkown, right most wire disconnected, corresponding damage visible

Calibration Polynomials

Measurement Calibration Dataset Dataset Type
There are no calibration measurements linked to this sensor!

Version history

Time Author Change comment
03. Nov 2018 00:57:15 CET miriamk
01. Oct 2018 09:52:09 CEST miriamk former entry was based on typo in sensor serial ID
12. Sep 2018 12:03:01 CEST Tobias Un-deleted because it was actually created by accident but an old Proto192 sensor with this serial number does exist.
10. Sep 2018 16:23:19 CEST Tobias Sensor deleted because it was created by accident with a wrong serial number.
01. Aug 2018 14:43:12 CEST petra