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Show Hamamatsu Avalanche Photo Diode 1501016542

This is all the information about APD 1501016542. If it is wrong, edit the data.

Subdetector specification:  
Serial: 1501016542
Type: Hamamatsu Avalanche Photo Diode
Detector: unassigned
Unit: unassigned
Preamp: 0
Current location: unknown
Installation information:  
Label: none
Manufacturer information:  
Wafer position: D03
Break-through voltage: 424 V
Voltage for Gain 100 (T=+25°C): 395.2 V
Dark current: 4.2 nA
Screening Logistics:  
Available: Yes
Storage Box: none
Position in Box: none
EP1 batch: none
EP1 batch after irradiation: none
Grid number: 419
Position in grid: 14
Arrival for irradiation: 29. Sep 2017
Sent for analysis after irradiation: none
Return for assembly: none
Date: none
Dose used: none
Temperature: none
Position: none
Bias voltage: none     
Date: none
Temperature: none
Duration: none
Measurement results:  
Voltage for Gain 100: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Voltage for Gain 150: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Voltage for Gain 200: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Gain/Voltage slope at M = 100: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Gain/Voltage slope at M = 150: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Gain/Voltage slope at M = 200: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none
Break-through voltage: T = +20 °C: none     T = -25 °C: none


Temperature Measurement Notes
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Progression of the current during irradiation

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Version history

Time Author Change comment
29. Sep 2017 11:48:38 CEST markus.moritz Entered arrival for irradiation date.
01. Aug 2016 17:29:43 CEST Tobias Assigned to grid via information extracted from APD DB.
23. Jun 2016 10:41:02 CEST Tobias Imported from Hamamatsu datasheet.