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Show Hamamatsu Vacuum Photo Tetrode UA0559

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Detector specification:  
Serial: UA0559
Type: Hamamatsu Vacuum Photo Tetrode
Unit: assigned to #833 (barcode 1309004638)
Preamp: 789
Nominal Preamp Gain: none
Measured Preamp Gain: none
Measured data:  
DC gain @ 750 V: 58.29
DC gain @ 1000 V: 69.51
Anode dark current: 0.048477 nA
Yield: 0
Manufacturer information:  
Cathode luminous sensivity: 81.7 μA/lm
Anode luminous sensivity: 4790 μA/lm
Anode dark current: 0.08 nA
Cathode blue sensivity: 8.63 a.u.

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Version history

Time Author Change comment
05. Nov 2018 14:41:29 CET fgrimm Assigned to unit by script
16. Jul 2015 10:08:46 CEST tholtmann Added DC gain @ 750V, @ 1000V and anode dark current
21. Nov 2014 15:08:25 CET tobias Imported from Hamamatsu datasheet