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Recent Conference Porceedings from the Crystal Barrel

Conference Proceedings from Crystal Barrel.

This is a very incomplete list of conference contributions by the Crystal Barrel Collaboration. Proceedings are here when they are available.

1994 conference contributions and proceedings.
1995 conference contributions and proceedings.
1996 conference contributions and proceedings.
1997 conference contributions and proceedings.
1998 conference contributions and proceedings.
1999 conference contributions and proceedings.
2000 conference contributions and proceedings.

LEAP 2000

  • Search for ρ' and b1 Radial Excitations. Presented by Burkhard Pick.

  • Evidence for an exotic partial wave in π η'. Presented by Joerg Reinnarth.

XXIII Workshop on the Fundamental Problems of High Energy Physics, Protvino 2000

  • Exotic Mesons with non q-qbar quantum numbers. Presented by Wolfgang Duenwebwer.

Meson 2000

  • Strong Decays of ρ Radial Excitations. Presented by Burkhard Pick.

Hadron 99, August 1999

  • Study of ρ' decays in antiproton-deuterium annihilation. Presented by Burkhard Pick.

  • E-meson in the reaction antiproton-proton to π+ π- π+ π- η Presented by Jin-Suhk Suh.

  • Study of antiproton-Nucleon annihilation into five pions. Presented by Ulrike Thoma.

Frascati Workshop on Hadron Spectroscopy, March 1999

  • Search for Quasinuclear Bound States Close to the N-bar N Threshold. Presented by Volker Crede.

  • Observation of an exotics π η state in antiproton-Nucleon annihilation. Presented by Ulrike Thoma.

  • Four π decays of scalar mesons. Presented by Ulrike Thoma.

LEAP 1998

XXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, Vancouver, BC., July 23-29, 1998.

The 3'rd International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, Genova, Italy, June 30 to July 3, 1998

Physics and Instrumentation with 6-12 GeV Photon Beams, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA, June 15 to 18, 1998

HADRON '97, Brookhaven Natl. Lab, Germany, August 25-29 1997.

  • Glueballs, Hybrids and the Standard Model: Hadron '97 Summary (Experiment). Presented by Eberhard Klempt.

  • Antiproton nucleon annhilations at rest into five pions. Presented by Ulrike Thoma.

  • Study of antiproton proton annihilations at rest into π+ π- π0. Presented by Rod McCrady.

  • Recent Results From Crystal Barrel. Presented by Michael Doser.

  • Exotic η π State in antiproton neutron annihilation into π- π0 η. Presented by Wolfgang Dünnweber, K. Hüttmann and W. Röthel.

  • Evidence for the a0(1450) decay into KK in antiproton proton annihilation at rest. Presented by Matthias Heinzelmann.

  • The Scalar Glueball and the 3P0 Mesons. Presented by Christoph Strassburger.

EPS HEP Conference, Jerusalem, August 19-26 1997.

  • Crystal Barrel Results on Two-body Decays of the Scalar Glueball. Presented by Stefan Spanier.

  • Glueballs and other non-q-q-bar mesons. Presented by Martin Faessler.

6'th Intersections Conference, CIPANP '97, Big Sky, MT, Ma7 27 to June 2 1997

XXXI Recontres de Moriond, Les Arcs, France, March 1997

  • A High Resolution Search for the Tensor Glueball. Presented by Kamal K. Seth.

LEAP '96, Dinkelsbühl, Germany, August 27-31 1996.

  • Study of antiproton annihilation at rest in liquid and gaseous hydrogen into three neutral pseudoscalar mesons. Presented by Mario Herz.
  • Study of antiproton nucleon annihilations at rest into five pions. Presented by Ulrike Thoma.

ICHEP 96 conference.

  • K K-bar and 4pi0 Decays of the f0(1500). presented by Jan Kisiel.

PANIC 96 conference,Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, May 1996.

Recontre de Moriond, France, March 1995.

Tau/Charm Factory Workshop, Argonne National Lab, June 1995.

Hadron 95, Manchester England, July 1995.

NAN 95, Moscow Russia, September 1995.

Recontre de Moriond, France, March 1994.

  • Evidence for the eta eta-prime decay of an isoscalar scalar resonance, presented by Ralf Hackmann.
  • The Scalar Nonet, presented by K. Braune.

School on Exotic Atoms, Erice, 1994.

  • Recent results in antiproton proton annihilations using the Crystal Barrel Detector, presented by Peter Blüm.

The Workshop on CEBAF at Higher Energies, CEBAF, 14 to 16 April, 1994.

International Conference on few-body problems, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 1994

  • Pontecorvo reactions in antiproton annihilations on deuterium, presented by David Armstrong.
  • Test of the OZI rule with the Crystal Barrel Detector in antiproton proton annihilations, presented by Ulrich Wiedner.

The Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics, St. Petersburg, Florida, June 1994.

  • New Results in the Scalar Meson Sector, presented by Curtis A. Meyer.
  • Antiproton-Proton Annihilation at Rest into omega eta pi-zero, presented by David Armstrong.

27'th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Glasgow, 20 to 27 July, 1994

  • Crystal Barrel Results in Meson Spectroscopy, presented by Nigel Hessey.
  • Search for a new light gauge boson with the Crystal Barrel Detector, presented by Farid Ould-Saada.

LEAP 94, Bled Slovenia, 12 to 17 September, 1994.

  • Search for exotics in proton antiproton annihilation in flight with the Crystal Barrel experiment, presented by Jörg Lüdemann.
  • Study of E/iota decay to eta pi pi in antiproton proton annihilation to 4pi eta, presented by David Urner.
  • Test of the OZI rule with the Crystal Barrel detector, presented by Ulrich Wiedner.
  • Mini-collider experiments with the Crystal Barrel detector, presented by Martin Faessler.

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